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UFT Solidarity Joins Multi-Caucuses and Independents in UFT in Health and Safety Rally on October 13

Well, looks like the cat is out of the bag now. Ever since the Health and Safety Rally flier went viral with all the different logos (yes, even Solidarity’s!) and folks have been reading between the lines on social media– it’s true, we (meaning the opposition caucuses and independents in the United Federation of Teachers) are coming together to shake things up. We will be on the ballot in Spring 2022 to challenge the powers-that-be in our union.
Lydia Howrilka, one of our council members who is engaged in talks with the different UFT groups, was quoted in this great piece by Labor Press.
“We’ve basically been doing our own thing for many years and we decided given what’s happening with Covid and our schools and our communities — and our healthcare now under attack — we decided to let those issues lie down. We’re going to bury those issues and we’re going to come together to fight for what is right,” Solidarity UFT Caucus co-founder Lydia Howrilka told LaborPress outside the UFT Delegate Assembly at 52 Broadway on Wednesday, Oct. 13.
It’s time to take back our union. Solidarity has been doing amazing things solo over the past eight years. Now it’s time to do even more amazing things and go further with others.
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