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Digital Classroom Set-Up

Digital Classroom Set-Up


All teachers and related service providers will be given from Sept. 9 to Oct. 1 to set up their digital classrooms.


  • The set-up should include uploading necessary materials for the first day of an emergency closure
  • You are not required to upload any additional content more than 24 hours prior to an emergency closure
  • You will receive $225 on Oct. 31 for setting up your digital classroom.
Digital Classroom Use


The following are times when the digital classroom will be used:
  • Conducting remote parent-teacher conferences
  • Conducting synchronous/live instruction on snow days or during whole-class or whole-school closures (related to either health or emergency)
  • Conducting asynchronous instruction on Election Day
  • Conducting asynchronous instruction for partial class closures due to quarantining students
  • Conducting synchronous/live instruction if the teacher/provider has to quarantine and is able to work remotely
Digital classrooms are not to be used for:
  • Regular instruction for absent students (not related to a quarantine)
  • Newsletters or ongoing family communications
  • Uploading or collecting lesson plans
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