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The following is an email from a UFT Solidarity Chapter Leader. We thank this Chapter Leader for sharing this comprehensive email regarding this week.


Before Monday hits, I want to make sure everyone is really clear on what happens if you are applying to a medical or religious exemption,  or have one of these already. Many people across the DOE are confused as to what this really means.


Please also remember that there are limited appeals on the exemptions. Also please note that if you lose your appeals for exemptions you will be TAKEN OFF PAYROLL. Many people wrongly think that you get paid for a year if you don’t get an exemption. NO. You will be without pay immediately. This is FALSE. 

What an exemption means for your work and your ability to enter any DOE building: 
Those with exemptions are NOT allowed in school buildings and are NOT simply teaching your classes remotely like we did last year! IF YOU ARE NOT VACCINATED ON MONDAY YOU ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THE HERO BUILDING. 
You are no longer the “teacher” of your classes and will be put in a non-school building (Central Office) and will be made to do something different, or likely just sit there all day. If you are granted a religious or medical exemption, or are awaiting the result of an appeal, and are therefore not required to be vaccinated, you will be placed in a NON-SCHOOL DOE building as of Monday, October 4th. This does NOT mean you are simply teaching your regular classes remotely. No, there is NO remote learning unless kids are in quarantine and you are a regularly appointed DOE employee who is fully vaccinated. At this point, you will be tested weekly until such time as you are vaccinated and can return to a school building.
If you get your vaccine by NOV 30., you are able to return to your school building but this offer expires NOV 30:
If you are vaccinated before NOV 30 2021 while on unpaid leave (because you do not have an exemption), you will have the right to return to the same school no later than one week after submitting your vaccination record to the DOE. By Nov 30, you must get at least one dose of the COVID 19 vaccine or inform the DOE that you will extend your leave until Sept. 5, 2022. If you receive your vaccination after Nov. 30, 2021 but before Sept. 5, 2022, you will have a right of return to the same school no later than two weeks after submitting your vaccination record to the DOE. If you take the severance option and resign from your position, there is no expedited route to return if you later decide to get vaccinated.
Please read this thoroughly and make an informed decision. If you make the wrong one, it will have serious repercussions for your family. 
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