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Waiting for the Election Results….

Greetings, all!

Thank you for your support in the 2022 UFT Election! The level of engagement increases each election cycle and we are beyond thrilled to receive all the emails, pictures, tags, and posts of your completed ballots and stories of motivating your colleagues to vote. Again, thank you so much!

Here are some FAQs.

When will we get the result of the 2022 Election?

Results will be shared with the caucus after results have been shared with the United for Change coalition. This will happen AFTER the ballot count concludes and everything has been finalized/review/certified. The ballot count will be tomorrow (Tuesday) all day so we expect to get results tomorrow evening/early Wednesday morning. Stay tuned! Monitor our social media and your email.


Any election predictions?

Norm Scott, UFT election veteran and UFC Election Committee member, has some pretty realistic predictions here on his blog. Additionally, Jonathan Halabi, UFC HS VP candidate, breaks down what would constitute a “big win” for UFC here. You can guarantee ICE co-founder James Eterno will share data and voting breakdown on his blog tomorrow when results roll in.

While nothing is final until the final count and certification happen, it’s still worth reviewing James Eterno’s blogNorm’s blog, and Jonathan’s blog.

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