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Will Frackelton

William Frackelton, Principal


Soundview Academy for Culture and Scholarship – X448

885 Bolton Avenue
Bronx, 10473
Grades: 06,07,08,SE
District: 08
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This principal has made it so difficult for new teachers to develop professionally. He makes it a point to discontinue a new teacher every year, from what I hear, instead of supporting his current staff. I have never before seen a leader incapable of unifying and relating to his staff. I’m glad I was able to leave unscathed.

Anonymous Post

He misappropriates funds. There is never any money in the budget to purchase anything or to pay staff beyond contractual hours. Like, where does the money go? Kids are constantly in the hallway and instead he walks by them, and yells at teachers to clear the hallways of students. He gets on the loud speaker at all times of the day giving teachers directives that can easily be emails. He claims to welcome new ideas, but attacks you when you do. He is a union buster and threatens disciplinary action when you request the chapter leader to be present. He is always out of compliance and shares his principal credentials to staff to complete his deadlines.


This predator must be stopped!!! He has touched inappropriately women staff and they are afraid to report it because of retaliation from him. Female students have also noticed him watching them while they are walking around the school, doing afterschool activities such as dance or step. In the past he has made sexual comments toward his staff and has even messaged them to come to his home in Brooklyn.


He mismanages funds and provides persession only to his favorite members. Those favorited are also able to disregard DOE policy, and show up every day past their start time (usually about 20-60min late), leave unexpectedly, and are not docked any of their time, while other members will be reprimanded for being late 2 mins once in a blue due to emergencies and not a habitual routine. The favortisim allows some staff members to feel entitled and go as far as saying things like ” I dont have to do what you do, I am VIP”. This continued abuse of power is creating division among staff, chaos and low morale. He also shows up late to work, leaves early or take “remote” days when it hasnt been approved for him, because apparently the rules don’t apply to him.


My child lasted 1 year here and even that was too long. Knives and weapons being brought to school on a regular. I tried to meet with this principal on several occasions and was avoided and pushed off to other staff. There have been several incidents where inappropriate events happened on school grounds And there was no investigation. THIS SCHOOL IS NOT SAFE! Please don’t send your child here

Yolo Fomo

My niece goes there, and the comments I have over heard the principal say and the story my niece brings home are horrifying. He tell kids that their behaviors this year are a result of bad parenting, from single family homes, or from shelters. Um. We own property, have tenants and my brother is married as am I. He’s clearly got a white savior mentality and he isn’t shy about it either. My niece has said students go into the bathrooms to vape AND smoke week. Kids pass around and get high off of edibles or baked goods and no one is ever suspended. Students have even hit teachers and there was no suspension. She says that he gets on the loud speaker to yell at staff, he comes in to classes and talks about nothing, interrupting the teachers lesson. She heard him say that white teachers are too soft with the kids. She’s in a class with two teachers and one of her teacher comes in at 9:30am leaving the other teacher alone. I’m glad my brother chose a different school for his son. So long as this man is not principal, we will not recommend this school to anyone else. And I’ll be sure to voice that whenever I can.

John doe

This man should not only not be allowed to be a principal, he should not be allowed near children. He is inappropriate towards children and staff. He also lies to o his staff constantly

Pissed off and tired

Admin at this school are absolutely terrible. They go from class the class berating teachers in front of their students then have the nerve to sit in the hallways while students do whatever they want and won’t lift a finger to help. They will find the stupidest things to critique you about when they can’t even do their own jobs and have to delegate all their tasks to their “favourites”. These people get to do whatever they want, including coming into work whenever they want, sometimes as late as 9:30 or 10:00, with nothing ever said while other people come in 5 minutes late and get yelled at. The verbal abuse is a constant worry; coming into work everyday is like playing Russian roulette because you never know if admin is going to be targeting you. To any parents, don’t send your children here; admin talks a big game about classes they offer and school culture but let’s violent student threaten and assault teachers for months without doing anything.


This principal has no clue how horrible he is and he is a liability to the DOE. Every year there is a mass exodus of teachers. He is condescending towards staff and downgrades teachers in the presence of students. He gives preferential treatment to his faves and gives hardworking teachers a hard time just because he can. He has a white savior mentality and believes our students all come from broken homes. He does not support new teachers and retaliates if you say “no” to his outlandish requests. He threatens “disciplinary action” or insubordination whenever someone challenges him. I truly believe he is not mentally capable of running a school.

Very Upset

This principal is a poor excuse for a “leader”. He consistently uses staff members to complete all his administrative tasks, even going as far as to provide his login credentials and allow them to neglect their instructional responsibilities which they were hired to do. He often tries to pin other teachers against each other through manipulation and lying. He’s a disrespectful, misogynistic, mean-spirited person. He is not to be trusted. Ever.

Twisted world

This principal does NOTHING other than delegate tasks, that only he should be doing, to others; he doesn’t care who does it either, as long as his job is done, he will have the janitor do it. The favoritism in this school isn’t like anything I’ve never seen before. The employees that work their hardest for these students get harrased constantly by the principal, while those who come to work late, do zero work, and act as principals themselves get away with it. They also get to work for the community grant, Aspira, and after-school at once, like can someone explain to me how you get two checks for being in one place? The favoritism creates low morale and everyone who isn’t a favorite comes to work avoiding him so he doesn’t find something to harass them with. It’s completely a toxic place! Stay away from him and this school!

He needs to go or stop!

He is a 12 month employee that never works summers. Never present the last days of school. Gets to ALL meetings late, has no idea what goes on, but gets mad when no one follows, understands, or makes sense of what he delegates. Does not speak to staff with respect. Takes multiple weeks off throughout the year (when he does, the schools runs much smoother). All per session magically appears for the last two days of the year and if it isn’t used it is shared with favorites only. Changes all lessons for his PPOs and comes after staff when it does not go in his favor after he makes us put on a show. Either he makes drastic changes to his work ethic and leadership, or he should go. You can’t leave even if you tried, he’ll speak I’ll of you just to keep you then make you suffer. He is abusive.

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