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Collaboration is key to a healthy and safe school community that fosters education for our 1.1 million students. Unfortunately, too many of our 1,800 schools communities have leaders that may not be the educational leaders that are greatly needed to foster this environment.

We asked the community to nominate not just principals, but any administrators that may be in need of improvement. This includes superintendents, assistant principals, Children’s First Support Network and cluster leaders.

Our hope is that by having this list out there positive change can occur to benefit the students, staff and entire school communities affected.

For nominations, please fill out this Administrator in Need of Improvement (ANOI) form.


  • Does the school have incidents that go unreported?
  • Is there a lack of discipline and support?
  • Do routine requests for help or repairs get ignored?
  • Is there a high turnover of staff? Is staff targeted? 
  • Are parents targeted? 
  • Does the administrator violate the contract on such a regular basis?

In addition to nominating an administrator, a parent or staff member can also use this form to send a complaint of moral character to the New York State Department of Education. How do I file a Part 83 Moral Character Complaint against my administrator? What is it? Who can file for one? – Solidarity UFT

*Note: If an administrator feels they have been nominated in error, please email us at solidaritycaucus@gmail.com.

  1. Ali, Fatimah (P.S. 9, Brooklyn)
  2. Amador, Carmen (I.S. 303, Brooklyn)
  3. Angrisani, Alison (South Bronx International Middle School)
  4. Annio, Ursula (P.S. 748, Brooklyn)
  5. Austin, Leonna (P.S. 30, Manhattan)
  6. Bates Howell, Tanya (PS 349, Queens)
  7. Battista, Stacy (PS 200K)
  8. Beach, Jessica (Vida Bogart School, D75)
  9. Belderes, Dionne (PS 25, Bronx)
  10. Bender, Maria (IS 291, Brooklyn)
  11. Birchwood Taylor, C (Jamaica Gateway, District 28)
  12. Bonilla, Robert (P.S. 217, Brooklyn)
  13. Bornkamp, Katheleen (P.S. 97, Bronx)
  14. Bove, Antonella (P.S. 215, Brooklyn)
  15. Brenord, Dudrige (Benjamin Franklin HS, Queens)
  16. Brown, James (P.S. 297, Brooklyn)
  17. Bryant, Tanya (PS 309K)
  18. Bullard, Pamela (PS 154Q)
  19. Calvi, Christine (PS 209X)
  20. Castillo, Nelsie (Bronx Bridges)
  21. Castillo Orduz, Lucia (PS 42, Bronx)
  22. Ciliotta-Young, Madeleine (UA School for Green Careers)
  23. Robert Ciulla (I.S. 201 Madeline Brennan, Brooklyn)
  24. Cobb, Steven (Bronx Alliance MS, Bronx)
  25. Coulter, Patricia (PS 209X)
  26. Cruz, Serapha (Bronx School for Young Leaders)
  27. Cugini, David (Susan Wagner High School, Staten Island)
  28. Czemerinski, Fabiana (Manhattan Districts)
  29. Darden, Gloria (PS 226, District 10, Bronx)
  30. Davis, Melody (District 29 Pre-K Center)
  31. Dempster, Sheldon (JHS 220K)
  32. Desforges, Marie (P.S .328 Brooklyn)
  33. Drummond, Tanya (PS 211, Bronx)
  34. Doreus, Jeffrey (Benjamin Franklin HS, Queens)
  35. Esposito, Lisa (P.S. 8, Staten Island)
  36. Eustace, Chris (PS 105X)
  37. Ferguson, Gemma (Wave Prep, Queens)
  38. Figueroa, Priscilla (Red Hook School- PS 676 Brooklyn)
  39. Fitzpatrick, Jessica (P.S. 37R, Staten Island)
  40. Flournoy-White, Keena (PS 149, Manhattan)
  41. Flynn, Tami (IS 234 Brooklyn)
  42. Frackelton, William (Soundview Academy, Bronx)
  43. Friedman, Jodi (PS 63, Manhattan)
  44. Foster, Celia (Grover Cleveland HS, Queens)
  45. Fortiche, Giselle (PS/MS 20, Bronx)
  46. Chris Fuchs (PS 184M Shuang Wen School, Manhattan)
  47. Gates, Lena (PS 5K)
  48. Gerendasi, Dana (Waterside Studio, Queens)
  49. Greig, Kimlyn (IS 59, Queens)
  50. Grey, Terri (Bronx High School for Writing and Communication Arts, Bronx)
  51. Gomez-McGhie, Julissa (Bronx School for Law, Government and Justice)
  52. Gonzalez, Jasmine (PS 65 Bronx)
  53. Guzman, Maria (PS 46, Brooklyn)
  54. Guzman, Olga (PS 228, Queens)
  55. Haig, Jennifer (PS 376, Brooklyn)
  56. Haigler, Tamra (P.S. 36, Queens)
  57. Haseley, Sylvan (Pathways College Prep, Queens)
  58. Hinson, Binta (South Bronx Prep)
  59. Harrison, Tracy (PS/MS 200 Queens)
  60. Hatzimichalis, Stamatina (P.S. 131, Brooklyn)
  61. Henry-Rerrie, Kim (Boys and Girls HS, Brooklyn)
  62. Henry Stephens, Ann Marie (BILA, Brooklyn)
  63. Hendrickson, Cynthia (P.S. 186, Bronx)
  64. Hernandez, Melitina (P.S. 123, Manhattan)
  65. Herring, Dennis (MS 366, Brooklyn)
  66. Hidalgo, Lisa (P.S. 280, Queens)
  67. Hill, Meredith (School of Earth Exploration and Discovery Harlem (SEED Harlem), Manhattan)
  68. Hong, Min (P.S. 51 Bronx STEM and Arts Academy)
  69. Hooks, Anthony (P.S. 123, Queens)
  70. Hosang, Marlon (P.S. 64, Manhattan)
  71. Hope, Abidemi (P.S. 11, Brooklyn)
  72. Hugee, Candace (Urban Assembly School for Collaborative Healthcare, Brooklyn)
  73. Hussey, Maureen (Hawtree Creek Middle School, Queens)
  74. Hyer, Melinda (P.S. 88, Bronx)
  75. Jackson, Cecelia (Pioneer Academy, Queens)
  76. Jackson, Gregory (Brownsville Collaborative Middle School, Brooklyn)
  77. Jackson, Marjorie (K208)
  78. Jaggon, Dionne (P.S. 111, Queens)
  79. James, Ronald (PS 202K)
  80. Jawski-Nasti, Danielle (PS 226, Bronx)
  81. Jimenez, Yaira (PS/MS57, Manhattan) 
  82. Johnson, Esrom (South Richmond HS I.S./P.S. 25, Staten Island)
  83. Jones, Angela (P.S. 186X)
  84. Kabinoff, Jeremy (P.S. 184, Manhattan)
  85. Karaiskos, Loizos (HS for Health Professions, Manhattan)
  86. Katz, Evelyn (Grover Cleveland HS, Queens)
  87. Katz, Melanie (FDR HS, Brooklyn)
  88. Keijzer, Douglas (Baruch College Campus High School, Manhattan)
  89. Keegan, Ann (PS 209, Bronx)
  90. Kellogg, Melody (Emma Lazarus High School)
  91. Klager, Renee (MS 379 Queens)
  92. Kogan, Denis (P.S. 37R, Staten Island)
  93. Kurppe, Eileen (PS 85X)
  94. LaGrega, Angelo (P.S. 37R, Staten Island)
  95. Lee, Dr. Doris (Village Academy, Queens)
  96. Leone, Cheryl-Ann (New York Academy for Discovery, Queens)
  97. Little, Jean (Acorn Community HS, Brooklyn)
  98. Ling, Carla (MS 20, Bronx)
  99. Loughren, Michael J. (FDA V, Bronx)
  100. Losquadro, Jennifer Rehn (MS 67, Manhattan)
  101. Lowenstein, Claire (PS 333, Manhattan)
  102. Lynch, Gina (JHS 62, Brooklyn)
  103. Macey, Valerie (Brooklyn Arts and Sciences Elementary, Brooklyn)
  104. Manns, Michelle
  105. Marciano, Jessica (Q306)
  106. Mastriano, Debra (PS 166, Manhattan)
  107. Mattera, Erica (P.S. 11, Staten Island)
  108. Medina, Sara (P.S. 85)
  109. McCarthy Diaz, Eileen (New Utrecht High School, Brooklyn)
  110. McCoy-Dailey, Keisha (Sid Miller Academy, D75)
  111. McGregor, Dahlia (Science Skills HS, Brooklyn)
  112. Mendez, Lourdes (Vida Bogart School, Bronx)
  113. Mendez-Torres, Ayo (PS/MS 57, Manhattan)
  114. Michaeli, Caryn (P.S./I.S. 87, Queens)
  115. Millares, Tess (P721 Roy Campanella OTC Brooklyn)
  116. Minhas, Simi (Q499)
  117. Mohan, Subhas (EPIC High School South)
  118. Morman, Natalie (PS/MS 29 The Melrose School, Bronx)
  119. Moser, Kerri (JHS 278, Brooklyn)
  120. Najera, Victoria (P.S. 333, Bronx)
  121. Noboa Roach, Magdellan (PS 69X Journey Prep, Bronx)
  122. Oaks, Lindsey (P.S. 167, Manhattan)
  123. Ort, Suzy (Park East High School, Manhattan)
  124. Oriol, Raquel (I.S. 206, Bronx)
  125. Ortiz, Liza (M.S.302, Bronx)
  126. Ortega, Maria (MS 126, Brooklyn)
  127. Ownuka, Laura (Mott Hall Bridges Academy, Brooklyn)
  128. Pagano, Lisa (P.S. 295K)
  129. Pascente, Marc (Grover Cleveland HS, Queens)
  130. Paul, Valerie (Jamaica Children’s School)
  131. Pavone, Louis (PS/IS 78Q)
  132. Pecorella, Andrew (P.S. 26, Queens)
  133. Perez, Natalie (PS 376, Brooklyn)
  134. Perez Katz, Alicia (Baruch College Campus High School, Manhattan)
  135. Pevey, Raquel (PS 25, Bronx)
  136. Pinos, Barbara and Soto, EliaMarie (P.S. 161, Bronx)
  137. Pizarro, Josette (PS 220, Queens)
  138. Powers, John  (Herbert H. Lehman HS, Bronx)
  139. Prashad, Anita (PS 54, Queens)
  140. Presto, Danielle (PS/MS 29, Bronx)
  141. Proscia, Christina (Vida Bogart School, District 75)
  142. Quigley, Ellen (PS 206K)
  143. Ratjen, Greta (PS 72X)
  144. Reda, Christophe (P10X, Bronx)
  145. Regan, Cori (P.S. 37R, Staten Island)
  146. Rodriguez, Grisel  (P.S. 82, Queens)
  147. Rolon, Eleuterio (P.S. 139, Queens)
  148. Russo, Dr. Natalia (P.S. 145, Manhattan)
  149. Ruth, Jaclyn (Vida Bogart School, D75)
  150. Salcedo, Yira (Westchester Square Academy, Bronx)
  151. Sanchez, Sandra (Bronx Dance Academy)
  152. Santacroce, Stephen (P.S. 186, Bronx)
  153. Santiago, Jeffrey (PS 67, Bronx)
  154. Schneider, Brett (Bronx Collaborative)
  155. Schwartz, Steven (P.S. 24, Bronx)
  156. Sanchez, Irene (PS 15M)
  157. Santos, Lynette (P.S. 33, Bronx)
  158. Sim, Franklin (HS for Violin and Dance, Bronx)
  159. Singh, Neal (M.S. 51, Brooklyn)
  160. Selenikas, Vivian P. (LIC High School, Queens)
  161. Staton, Lynn (P.S. 36, Queens)
  162. Stefanick, Lisa (P.S. 167, Manhattan)
  163. Steinberg, Erica (20K164)
  164. Soussoudis, Michelle (PS 118, Queens)
  165. Soulette, Gregg (P.S. 198, Manhattan)
  166. Sugrim, Dyanand (Heritage HS, Manhattan)
  167. Swanson, Kim (M655)
  168. Tabat, Anna (Urban Assembly School for Collaborative Healthcare, Brooklyn)
  169. Templeman, Sarah (P.S. 186, Bronx)
  170. Tremblay, Barbara (P721 Roy Campanella OTC, Brooklyn)
  171. Vassilyeva, Helena (P.S. 186, Bronx)
  172. Viñales, Jose (Academy for Language and Technology, Bronx)
  173. Vizcaino, Rooney (Urban Assembly School for Global Commerce, Manhattan) 
  174. Wargo, Alicia (DreamYard Prep, Bronx)
  175. Witherspoon, Iris (Bronx High School for the Visual Arts)
  176. Wilson, Michael (Hudson HS, Manhattan)
  177. Zayas, Jose (Bronx Aerospace HS)

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